Highlights of #AFFC2018

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Impressed by the skill at this year's championship and need a freestyler for your event?  Or were you referred by someone who did? Whatever the case, we have got you covered

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Share passion, show your talent and stand a chance to win an to win prizes; as well as an all-expense-paid sponsorship to world freestyle events...and lots more.

Memories of #AFFC2018 

Over 40 Freestylers from over 20 African countries. Over $50,000 worth prices to be won and top class musical and dance performance artistes. And lots more!

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Are you a journalist or part of the media team? Explore a variety of on-brand and up-to-date information as well as resources that can be used for promotional use.

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Membership of a vibrant community of freestyle football lovers with up-to-date information on happenings in the Freestyle Football world.


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