Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone African or legal resident in any African country can participate.

What is Freestyle UNLOCKED Africa?

Freestyle UNLOCKED Africa is a digital challenge initiated by Feet ‘N’ Tricks International in partnership with the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) to discover talented freestyle footballers and engage existing ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will the People’s Choice prizes have female and male categories separately?

Yes, it will have male and female categories. Daily cash prizes of $50, $30, and $20 for the first, 2nd, and 3rd most liked and commented videos respectively.

Will the criteria for shortlisting contestants be the same throughout the competition?

Criteria for People’s Choice segment of the competition is different from the criteria for shortlisting the finalists for the Judges Choice. Winners of the People’s Choice segment are determined by comments on Instagram entry videos posted on @FeetandTricks Instagram handle.

The judges appointed by the WFFA will select the Top 48 entries.

Is Instagram the only platform for the competition?

Yes. Instagram is the only platform for contestants to upload their videos and get entered into the competition. Contestants must add the hashtags - #FreestyleUNLOCKED #ValentineOzigbo #VCO-  to be eligible to enter the competition.

Does registration attract any fees?

No. All that is required to register for Freestyle UNLOCKED Africa 2020 is to upload a 45-60 seconds video of yourself freestyling performing while juggling a ball.

What is the difference between week 1, 2 and 3?

Freestyle UNLOCKED Africa competition consists of the People’s Choice segment and the Judge's Choice segment.


The People’s Choice segment is open to everyone and three daily winners will emerge to win $50, $30 and $20 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. People’s Choice will run for 10 days – July 1 to July 10, 2020. Winners will be announced daily from July 3, 2020.


Week 3 is for the professional segment of the competition called Judges Choice. Professional freestylers will battle for the title of 2020 African Freestyle Footballer of the Year and 2020 Nigerian Freestyle Footballer of the Year. The Judge’s choice will now hold from July 12 till August 2. August 2 is the grand finale.

How do I enter for the Judges Choice segment?

The same way you enter for the People’s Choice segment. Upload your freestyle performance video of between 45 seconds to 60 seconds on your Instagram handle add the hashtags - #FreestyleUNLOCKED #ValentineOzigbo #VCO - to your post. Entries close on July 10, 2020.

How will the Nigerian Championships be conducted?

The Top 24 Nigerian entries – Top 16 Male and Top 8 Female - will get to battle for the title of 2020 Nigerian Freestyle Footballer of the Year. The judges appointed by the WFFA will judge them. The Nigerian Championships will now hold on July 25, 2020.

Who are the judges?

Our judges are Caitlyn Schrepfer (USA), Lukasz Chwieduk (POLAND), Yo Katsuyama (JAPAN), Chris Njokwana (South Africa), Kamal ‘Kamilio’ Ranchod (South Africa).

Can I upload the same video for the People’s Choice and Africa Freestyle Football Championship?

No, you cannot. The shortlisted freestylers who make it to Top 48 – 32 Male and 16 Female – will be required to upload a 2nd video for that segment of the competition.

Can I send in more than one entry?

No, you cannot. Send in one entry and make sure it is your best performance. Contestants who send in multiple enteries using different names will be disqualified. Contestants who send in multiple entries will only be judged by the first entry they made.

Must I be a professional freestyle footballer to participate?

No, you do not have to be a professional freestyle footballer. You just need to be able to showcase your freestyle football skills.

Can I get my friends and followers to engage @feetandtricks’ repost of my video for a chance to win the people’s Choice, even though I am a professional freestyler?

Yes, you can. Every entry gets the chance to win the People’s Choice prizes.

Will there be a physical event?

No, the competition this year is 100% online.

How will the final 32 be shortlisted?

They will be shortlisted based on the judges’ decision. 

What will the final 32 be doing?

The final 32 will be required to send in a second video. All 32 videos will be paired up in twos, i.e 16 battles in total. The top 16 contestants will then be shortlisted based on the judges’ decision . The shortlisted 16 will be asked to share a third video and 8 contestants will be shortlisted using the same method above. At this point, the battle will shift to LIVE PERFORMANCE, where all 8 will battle. The top 4 contestants will then be selected for a battle the next day (August 2)when the winner will emerge.