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2018 Freestyle Football Championship Set To Begin. Star Attractions: Iya Traore and Raquel Benetti

This years (2018) Freestyle Football Championship is set to kickoff on the 13th of September, 2018. This time it is going to be much bigger and better, featuring class performances from two of the most sensational freestyle football talents in the world today: Iya Traore from Paris and Raquel Benetti from Brazil.

This year's event is going to last for three (3) day, between September 13 and 15, 2018.The venue will be the Federal Palace Hotel Lagos. In addition to the performances by Iya Traore and Raquel Benetti, there is going to thrilling musical and dance performances by popular artists from across Africa.

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Iya Traore Profile:

The Freestyle phenomenon

Name: Iya Traore Nationality: Guinean Details: Born on November 27th, 1986 in Kebeya. Football player (PSG 3, Tours FC 2). Specialty: Freestyle Awards: World record in freestyle football during the "L'ete de tous record" TV programme (France 3), thanks to the "Sun" trick.

63 "Suns" performed in 1 minute: That is 63 leg turns with the ball held between his foot and his shin.

Raquel Benetti Profile:

Name: Raquel Benetti Date of Birth: February 9, 1987 Age: 31 years Birthplace: Sapiranga, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Nationality: Brazilian Ethnicity: White Profession: Freestyle Footballer, Model, Entertainer

Raquel Benetti is a skilled freestyle soccer player, entertainer and furthermore a model of Brazil. Raquel is better known as “Musa das Embaixadinhas" or the muse of soccer trick procedures. She performs different traps easily while taking a seat.

All things considered, she is a real muse, for sure. This woman can work some genuine enchantment with regards to juggling a soccer ball and not simply in comfortable tennis shoes, but rather in executioner heels as well where she is known among the great many her fans and followers everywhere throughout the world.


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