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Press Briefing - 26th June, 2017

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

The Company

Feet ‘n’ Tricks International is a Sports and Entertainment Company created by a team of successful partners, including one of Africa’s most decorated footballer, Kanu Nwankwo. They came together to create a new platform for sports and entertainment to give the football fans a chance to partake in and take away from their most beloved sport. While the game itself is awash with sponsors and partners, little has been done in the way of promoting, marketing or exploiting one of the most exciting aspects of the game – flair! This new company Feet “n” Tricks therefore took it upon itself to promote this aspect of the game of football. Other members of the dynamic team include Valentine Ozigbo Chairman of board, Olisa Adibua, Dom Lawson, Godwin Nwanagu and O’dyke Nzewi the CEO. These successful men have come from different works of life with their diverse expertise and wealth of experience to birth this concept in Lifestyle, Sports and Entertainment.

Feet “n” Tricks is set up to develop and nurture an art, a lifestyle, a passion for many, and now, a means to a lucrative career – Freestyle football. Freestyle football celebrates flair, the mastery of using the feet and other parts of the body to show great control of the ball; “all you need is a ball”. Feet ‘n’ Tricks affirms a myriad of ways freestyling can become a lucrative career for talented youths in Nigeria. Feet ‘n’ Tricks in promoting freestyle football, organizes annual championships that would produce champions who would represent Nigeria on the world stage of freestyle football under the auspices of World Federation of Freestyle Football, in the annual Freestyle Super Ball. Feet ‘n’ Tricks is poised to provide an enabling environment for the sustainable development of freestyle football in Nigeria and beyond.

Exclusivity Agreement

Feet ‘n’ Tricks has signed an exclusivity agreement with the World Federation of Freestyle Football as franchise owner of freestyle football championship in Nigeria. We have a five (5) year development plan which has been endorsed by World Federation of Freestyle Football in an MOU signed with the world body. This plan includes amongst other things the hosting of sub-regional, National and Continental Championships as well as bidding for the hosting of the Freestyle Super Ball (which is one of the most prestigious Championships in freestyle football) in Nigeria in the near future. The winner of each of our national championships will be sponsored to represent Nigeria in the Freestyle Super Ball and other related championships in that year. The tournament is open to all Nigerians irrespective of age or gender.

The Championship

We will start in 2017 by showcasing the ‘Nigeria National Freestyle Championships’ on the 22nd of July 2017 in Lagos, and it is expected that the winner will represent Nigeria at the Super Ball in August 2017 in Prague.

Starting from 2018, Feet ‘n’ Tricks will expand its championship to sub-regional tournaments to cover each of the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.  The sub-national (unofficial) competitions will hold in the months leading up to the National competitions which will hold in July every year from 2018. From the winners in the regional championships, top freestyle athletes will be selected to compete at the National Championship. Selection will be based strictly on merit.

The National event in 2017 will be classified under the Official National competition with coefficient 1 (the sub-national competitions for subsequent years will be classified under unofficial competitions with coefficient 0.5). This event will have the full rating of a 1 star event from World Federation of Freestyle Football. We are targeting 16 participants for the male category and 8 participants for the female category for the finals.


Athletes are to register on the platform and upload a 30 seconds video of them freestyling. These video entries will be subjected to a screening process by professional judges before being shortlisted for the online voting. Our website is ready and open for prospective athletes. We there urge every talented football freestyler to gear up for the new rave in town. Put on your football boots and always remember that “all you need is a ball” to launch yourself into this world of sports and entertainment at an international level.

Visit our website or send a mail to for further enquiries.

Feet “n” Tricks…world class entertainment!!!

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