Rules of Participation.

For 2020 we are hosting a virtual competition, Freestyle UNLOCKED Africa 2020, go HERE for the rules and regulations for the contest.

Qualification Rules

To determine the standing order for freestylers for this round, there is a general seedling of players. There are four groups of athletes created based on the seedling. Every athlete is in a group of four, meaning they all have all three opponents to compete against. All players get in a circle and battle each other. The number of circles depends on the number of athletes registered to compete. Every athlete has 3 rounds which last 30 seconds each. Player number 4 starts and the circle is played clockwise (4-3-2-14-3-2-1...) Athletes each take turns in the center of the circle.


After each round, the athlete should move from the center spot back to their corner quickly to make room for the next athlete. The best two athletes from every circle go through to the next round (could be less depending on the number of circles) After each circle, judges raise the number of points they are giving to each athlete.


How Points Will Be Earned

This event is a 2-star World Ranking event sanctioned by the WFFA and points to be earned are as follows:

  • Winner - 100 points

  • Runner up - 60 points

  • 3rd place - 45 points

  • 4th place - 35 points

  • Quarterfinalist - 15 points

  • Top 16 qualifiers - 6 points

  • Elimination level - 3 points

  • Entry level - 1 point




The head judge will control the timing, sheets distribution to other judges and will brief the other judges on the procedure for voting. The judges will be given the guidelines and a printed copy of the judging criteria prior to the start of the contest and will be given a full briefing on the WFFA judging criteria before the contest. Each judge will have 40seconds to decide the result of each battle. The judges will be given cards with the numbers 1 to 4 for the elimination round, and cards with the first name of the athletes that make it to the knockout stage.


The judges will be required to show either the number card (in the case of the elimination stage) or the name card (in the knockout stage) when the host requests it. For the final battle, the judges will write the name of the winner and give to the chief judge, who will, in turn, compile and walk to the stage to acknowledge the athlete who is the winner.


Judging System

Difficulty and response in moves

  • Overall performance (80 %)

  • Battle response (20 %)​

Allround - general ability to perform all parts of sport the best way possible

  • The sum of the general level in all aspects of freestyle (100 %)

Originality (and variety)

  • Original moves (20 %)

  • Signature style (30 %)

  • Variety within battle (20 %)

  • Variety in general (30 %)


  • Cleanness (25%)

  • Flow (25%)

  • Style (20%)

  • Dynamics (10%)

  • Musicality (10%)

  • Battle attitude (10%)


  • Control (50 %)

  • Mistakes (50 %)